John Frechette

John Frechette Pic

Music of all genres has been influential and necessary throughout John’s life.  A day not punctuated by music is unimaginable. John’s been pounding away on the drums relentlessly for years in hopes that one day he’ll get it right. His musical taste and influences are varied and global. From Bonham to Moon, Fleetwood to Porcaro and Marotta… Swapan Chaudhuri to Trilok Gurtu and brilliantfish. He thrives on the live performance – he truly loves/lives to play. He still has two good ears and is punctual after years of extensive gigging, as well as some studio work. A man for all seasons, John also enjoys canoeing, hiking and snowshoeing – though not necessarily all on the same day… oh yeah, and good single malt! John and his wife Celia Klemenz live in Claremont where they are staff to their two cats.