What Our Listeners Are Saying

“Congratulations on your fantastic album. We think it is OUTSTANDING!
We love the songs and your voices are terrific … blend beautifully.
The first time we listened to it, we were so blown away that we played the whole CD through twice in a row. It’s wonderful!
Thanks for sharing your gift with everyone!”

– Kay Hubbard, D.Ed., P.C.C., Pickering, Ontario

“Many thanks for making my trip back to western Massachusetts very tranquil. When I got to the mountains in Virginia, the signals on all the radio stations were fading. So I turned to the CD player and lo and behold, there was Reid and Margaret (whom I already know) and the third part of the trio that makes it all work, Marilynn. You all made me feel like I was back at “The Jam Sessions” in Florida. You have been missed and we look forward to seeing you again in the Fall.
It’s a great selection of songs – brings back some good memories.
Congratulations – a superb CD!”

– Terri Boucher, Lutz, Florida


Re: Whitevale Spring Festival – 2013-05-25
“You guys really helped to make the day. Lots of good comments from the crowd. Look forward to next year.  Cheers!”

– Jamie Williamson,
Music co-ordinator, Whitevale Spring Festival

“Great harmonizing! Love your song choices. Thanks for bringing your sound to Florida.”

– Maggie Kubovchik, Cleveland, Ohio


“I love it… your harmonies are fantastic … congrats on this album.  Take a listen everyone”

– Jan Bennett, Port Perry, Ontario


“I have watched AfterGlow develop and improve over the last few years and you just keep getting better and better.  There are always new songs and the ones you choose allow you to highlight your beautiful harmonies.  The result is professional and polished, upbeat and entertaining.  You are so versatile and accomplished that your listeners never get tired of hearing you.  The CD is a compilation of the best – well done and keep it coming.”

– Peter Wilson, Richmond Hill, Ontario


“Just wanted to tell you, Reid and Marilynn and Margaret that since Marilynn dropped off the cd on the weekend, I haven’t stopped listening to it!!!  It is sooooooo great!! I am boppin’ around the kitchen to it as I write … (Hey Bird Dog!!!!)  I particularly like the first cut… I am even singing it in my sleep! Such a great opener!!  Wonderful job on the whole cd guys!  Thanks for sharing your talent with us!!

You should be so proud of your achievement! I have heard a lot of music coming out of this place and this cd is top-notch!! I’m sure people will love it!

Can we get a copy of Reid’s songs too?”

– Sheila-Marie Richardson, Chalet Studio, Uxbridge, Ontario


“Thank you guys for going the distance, getting great musicians and working hard to get it right and making it an amazing CD (if I do say so myself)  Sheila-Marie keeps playing it over and over…and She is a hard person to please!”

– Dave Chester, Chalet Studio, Uxbridge, Ontario (AfterGlow’s Producer)


“Hi AfterGlow people —

Just received your CD.  It’s a wonderful recording. And your version of Mirabeau Bridge is just excellent.  So beautiful!

Thank you very much.”

– Sam Larkin (Singer-songwriter – Mirabeau Bridge)


“Dear Reid, Margaret, and Marilynn.

I finally got a chance to listen to the cd, and listen to it again.  I enjoyed it immensely.  I like the choice of songs, the arrangements, the production is tasteful and profiles you beautifully.  Great vocals, great playing.  Consistently solid performance.

And, (drum rolll) I think Maverick Boy is beautiful. Who woulda thunk tin pans and tex-mex, but it works great.  It’s sweet and lamenting, as it should be.  And who’s the whistler?  What a lost art that is, Roger.  I need to keep that in mind for future.

Thank you for the integrity of your music presentations. You do me proud.

Do you have my latest cd, Pirate Days? If not I’d like to send it to you.

Take care, I hope to hear the whole album live sometime.”

– Marianne Girard (Singer-Songwriter – Maverick Boy)


“I’ve now been able to listen to all of your CD cuts and want you to know that it has become my “default music” in the car.  This means that if listening to our car radio, and the news is getting me down, or if the music on the radio stations is not-what-I-want-to listen-to, then I just hit CD on the player, and there you are.  In other words, it is always good to listen to.”

– Phil Weir, Ottawa, Ontario


“… finally got the time to sit down and listen to AfterGlow “Reflections” – and I loved it!

I especially liked Seven Shades of Blue, All I Have to Do is Dream and Seven Bridges Road …. it is a really great album.”

– Alan Wasser, Lutz, Florida
(Former host of “Folk Music Worldwide” radio show, WRUL, Radio New York Worldwide.)


“Congratulations on your CD!  The voices are very soothing and a pleasure to listen to.  Good choice of material too.”

– Roger Ashby, CHUMFM


“Well done, you guys sound great together.”

– Sam


“Like!  a lot!”

– Jean